Clara and Jacob Elegant Winter Capitol Building Bridals

Clara and Jacob are the funnest couple, and funny story! We were originally going to do their photos up Big Cottonwood Canyon. But on the drive up it was snowing soooo hard here in the valley, and just as I was starting to get worried the videographer called me saying that there was no visibility up the canyon. So we changed it last minute to the capitol building, and it turned out amazing! So I guess it was good that the snow snowed us out!

Clara served a mission with my younger sister, and when they both came home she became a part of our family! She had told me even when she was on her mission that she wanted me to take her wedding photos! So when she got home and got engaged to a missionary she had met out there she was so excited to book me! So I decided to do some research on who this guy was, because you know, was he worthy of this wonderful gal? (BTW he’s great now that I have met him and they are perfect together.) But as I checked out his social media I found out that Dallan and I were friends with his sister! We all met through his summer sales job and I have done many photo shoots with her and her husband (check the stylized shoot we set up HERE) It is a small world and I love the connections and friendships that this job brings me.

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