Aubrea, Tyler, and Darling Family Photos- Cute Dog Family Photos

These two were awesome and let me take photos of them with their cute dog! Something I love more than photographing couples? Photographing couples and families with their dogs! I met Aubrea in college, and by luck we ended up as roommates! We quickly became the best of friends, and even though they live in Las Vegas, we still vacation or camp together at least one a year or visit each others homes every few months! Yay for Frontier flight sales 😉 Anyway, last time I flew out there we decided to adventure out to Red Rock Conservation Area to get some photos!

Guess where theyo got the name Darling from? These two are HUGE Disney fans. And when I say huge, I mean H U G E. A lot of their vacations revolve around Disney parks, they see every movie AT LEAST once, if not more. They named her after the family in Peter Pan! Wendy Darling and family. And the name is so perfect for her personality, she is the sweetest dog ever!

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