Utah County Engagement Photographer- Quincie and Jensen Fun Provo Canyon Engagements

I love my job as a Utah County Engagement Photographer- Quincie and Jensen were so cute and fun, and so adventurous! They were up for anything whether it be running thought the trees or getting on each other’s shoulders! The views of Provo Canyon were unreal with the sun reflecting off of them as it disappeared behind the mountains. We laughed and spent the time running around the mountainside getting some intimate close-ups and some amazing landscapes. What I loved about these two is how instantly comfortable they were in front of the camera! That goes a long way in letting me capture real, raw emotion right from the get-go.

Summer is my favorite time to do photos, mostly because the blues and greens that are all over in nature are totally my jam! I love the deep colors of the mountains- they just speak to me so much. SO you bet I can’t wait until next season! However, I do love the snow that we are seeing this time of year- I will continue to love it until January. Then I will be sick of it. So here’s to summer and these cuties!

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